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Historia naturalis bulgarica [contents]

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Historia naturalis bulgarica, Volume 7 (1997)

Boev, Zlatozar — Stuart-Baker’s collection of birds in the National Museum of Natural History (Sofia): 5—12 (in English, summary in Bulgarian).

Andreev, Stoitze — Contribution à l’étude des Isopodes terrestres de Grèce. 6. Cordioniscus kalwuiosi n. sp. (Isopoda: Oniscidea: Styloniscidae): 13—16 (in French, sumniary in Bulgarian).

Popov, AlexiPoecilimon belasicensis nom. nov. (Orthoptera, Tettigoniidae): 17—18 (in English, summary in Bulgarian).

Gueorguiev, Borislav — Contribution to the study of the ground-beetle fauna of Osogovo Mountain (Bulgaria). II. Morphological and taxonomic investigations of the genus Molops Bonelli (Coleoptera: Carabidae; Pterostichini): 19—27 (in English, summary in Bulgarian).

Boev, Zlatozar — The birds from the Roman settlement Arbanas-1 near Pernik: 28 (in Bulgarian).

Raitschev, Ivan — A new short-winged beetle species (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae) from Osogovo Mt. (Bulgaria): 29—30 (in English, summary in Bulgarian).

Popov, Alexi — Neuroptera, Raphidioptera and Mecoptera from Macedonia with two new records of Chrysopidae: 31—33 (in English, summary in Bulgarian).

Popov, Alexi — Investigations on the invertebrate fauna of high mountain woodless zone of Central Balkan National Park: 34 (in Bulgarian).

Stojanov, Andrei — Neue Daten über die syrische Schaufelkröte (Pelobates syriacus balcanicus Kar.) in Bulgarien (Amphibia: Anura: Pelobatidae): 35—39 (in German, summary in Bulgarian).

Popov, Alexi — National conferences on entomology: 40 (in Bulgarian).

Stojanov, Andrei — Somatometrische und verhaltensbiologische Untersuchungen an jungen griechischen Landschildkröten — Testudo hermanni hermanni Gmel. (Reptilia: Chelonia: Testudinidae): 41—58 (in German, summary in Bulgarian).

Mlikovsky, Jiri — Late Pleistocene birds of Karlukovo, Bulgaria: 59—60 (in English, summary in Bulgarian).

Ribarov, Georgi; Boev, Zlatozar — Bone remains of wild and domestic animals from the Telish — Redoutite prehistoric settlement near Telish (Pleven district): 61—70 (in Bulgarian, summary in English).

Spassov, Nikolai; Raychev, Dimitar — Late Wurm Panthera pardus remains from Bulgaria: the European fossil leopards and the question of the probable species survival until the Holocene on the Balkans: 71—96 (in English, summary in Bulgarian).

Karov, Chavdar; Petrusenko, Svetoslav — Prenite of two pegmatite localities from Bulgaria: 97—103 (in Bulgarian, summary in English).

Karov, Chavdar — Meetings and exhibitions of minerals in the National Museum of Natural History: 104 (in Bulgarian).

Boev, Zlatozar — The Alagoas (Eastern-Brazil Razor-Billed) Curassow — Mitu mitu (L.) — a World rarity in the collection of the National Museum of Natural History, Sofia (Aves: Galliformes: Cracidae): 105—108 (in English, summary in Bulgarian).

Spassov, Nikolai — Evidences for a late pleistocene isolation and a separate taxonomic status of the Mediterranean brown bear and the conservation value of the Balkan bear population: 109—113 (in English, summary in Bulgarian).

Kumanski, Krasimir — A new bibliography on the order Trichoptera: 114 (in Bulgarian).

Ognjanova-Rumenova, Nadja — In memory of Bernhard Kurzius: 115 (in Bulgarian, summary in English).