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On expedition to Pamir

27.8.2010 01:25

On 18.08.2010 the zoologist Boyan Petrov returned from an expedition to Pamir Mountains, Tajikistan.

As a mountaineer, Boyan was able to make first ascents of the season on the peaks Korzhenevskaya (7105 m) on 1.8.2010 and Ismoil Somoni (former Communism Peak), 7495 m on 11.8.2010. Despite unstable weather and low temperatures, climb passed without major problems, apart from common adverse effects of prolonged stay beyond 6000 m.

In conquering the peaks Boyan was able to collect various zoological and botanical material. Of particular interest are migratory dragonflies, which has been found to fly over the high passes of over 6000 m altitude following the wind flows. Examination of the upper limit in the species distribution in the high mountains of the world is a very difficult task, because besides being a well trained field zoologist it requires excellent physical and alpine skills.

At the moment the material is distributed for processing by specialists and in the coming months it will become clear how interesting species are collected and whether there are species new to science. Alpine flora brought by the zoologist include representative samples of alpine plants from around the base camp (4300 m).

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