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Research Professor DSc Zlatozar Boev, ornithologist, head of Vertebrates Department. Photo: (c) S. Abadjiev
Research Professor DSc Zlatozar Boev, ornithologist, head of Vertebrates Department. Photo: (c) S. Abadjiev

Zlatozar Boev

(Professor DSc)
phone: (+359 87) 7089048; (+359 2) 9885115 (ext. 620, 640); e-mail:

Born: 20 October 1955, Sofia.
Education: Sofia University ‘St. Kliment Ohridski’ (1980).
Speciality: zoology.

Research interests

Palaeornithology; archaeornithology; evolution of birds and palaeoavifaunas; bone and external morphology of birds; disappearance and extinction of avian taxa; history of zoology, ornithology, palaeontology and natural science collections.

Current projects

Action plan for conservation of Egyptian vulture Neophron percnopterus in Bulgaria. Bulgarian society for the protection of birds (2009—2018)
Urgent measures to secure survival of the Egyptian vulture (Neophron percnopterus) in Bulgaria and Greece. LIFE10/NAT/BG/000152, Programme LIFE+ of the European Commission (2013—2014)
Zooarchaeological study of the ‘Forum Serdica’ based on the remains of vertebrates from the center of Sofia (4—19 BC) (2015—2018)
The Aurochs (Bos primigenius Bojanos, 1827) (Artiodactyla, Mammalia) in the Nature and Culture of Bulgaria
‘Thracians — Genesis and Ethnic Development, Cultural Identities, Civilization Interactions and Heritage of Antiquity’ — Study of animal osteological materials (wild and domestic) from Neolithic to Late Middle Ages in order to search for continuity
Late Pleistocene avifauna of the Pešturina Cave (Nišava District, SE Serbia)
History of the National Museum of Natural History at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

Most recent publications

Боев, З., 2017. Кукуригу пътешественик. — Списание Осем, 12: 116—125. [PDF]

Боев, З., 2017. Кунино — поглед към плейстоценската природа на България. — Природа, БАН, 4: 34—41. [PDF]

Боев, З., 2017. Зубърът на класа. — Списание Осем, 11: 126—131. [PDF]

Боев, З., 2017. Витална Витоша. — Списание Осем, 10: 116—123. [PDF]

Боев, З., 2017. Реколта: ХХ век. — Списание Осем, 9: 60—67. [PDF]

Боев, З., 2017. Тапирите в България. — Природа, БАН, 3: 8—13. [PDF]

Боев, З., 2017. Пера на острова. — Списание Осем, 8: 120—129. [PDF]

Боев, З., 2017. Носорози в страна на рози. — Списание Осем, 7: 82—89. [PDF]

Боев, З., 2017. Прилетци в Европа. — Списание Осем, 6: 68—75. [PDF]

Боев, З., 2017. Ергилорнисите — жеравовият вариант на щраусите. — Природа, БАН, 2: 64—68. [PDF]

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