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Bastnäsite-(Ce) — specimen 0280, photo © NMNHS
Bastnäsite-(Ce) — specimen 0280, photo © NMNHS

Bastnäsite-(Ce)specimen 0280


South Asia
Bastnäsite-(Ce) — specimen 0280, locality map

Weight: 0.75 ct; size: 6.17 | 4.11 | 2.77 mm; shape: oval; colour: medium dark orangey red; strong; clarity: eye clean; cut: very good; treatment: none.

Very clean specimen; very good mixed style cut.

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The most abundant rare earth elements-bearing mineral, typically hydrothermal, although primary igneous occurrences are known; in granite and alkali syenites and pegmatites; in carbonatites (Anthony et al., 2001—2005). Faceted specimens are very rare.