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Date published: 19 October 2018

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Updated distribution of the elusive Roach’s mouse-tailed dormouse, Myomimus roachi Bate, 1937 (Mammalia: Rodentia: Gliridae) in Bulgaria

Nedyalkov, Nedko; Popgeorgiev, Georgi; Staneva, Anna

2018 — volume 29 — pp. 3—8 — [PDF]

Abstract: Myomimus roachi is one of the rarest and least studied mammals of the Western Palearctic. It is rare and sparsely distributed in the Southeastern Balkans and Western Anatolia. After its initial finding in 1959, the species was recorded only sporadically. All available data for the species distribution in Bulgaria are summarised and three new country records are reported, which all together increases the number of squares on the 10×10 km grid where the species has been recorded to 24. The current species habitats and threats are discussed.

Keywords: Myomimus roachi, Bulgaria, distribution, threats, conservation