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Dr Mario Langourov, entomologist. Photo: (c) Nikolay Simov
Dr Mario Langourov, entomologist. Photo: (c) Nikolay Simov

Mario Langourov

(Senior Assistant Dr)
phone: (+359 2) 9885116; e-mail:

Born 10 July 1971, Sofia. Entomologist.


Secondary education (1985—1989): National High School for Natural Sciences and Mathematics ‘Acad. L. Chakalov’
MSc (Entomology) (1989—1995): Department of Zoology and Anthropology, Faculty of Biology, Sofia University
Dr (Entomology) (2001): Institute of Zoology at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences [thesis: Faunistical, ecological, and zoogeographical investigations on family Phoridae (Diptera, Brachycera) from Vitosha Mountain]

Research interests

Taxonomy and systematics of Phoridae (Diptera); butterflies of the Balkan Peninsula and Asia Minor; biodiversity, conservation problems of invertebrates.


Albania (1994); Turkey, from Anatolia and the Taurus system to the Pontic Mountains (1996), Italy (2005) and many others around the Balkans (Serbia, Macedonia, Greece, Montenegro).


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