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Dr Petar Shurulinkov. Photo: (c) Lyubomila Krivoshieva (Green Balkans)
Dr Petar Shurulinkov. Photo: (c) Lyubomila Krivoshieva (Green Balkans)

Petar Shurulinkov

(Associate Professor Dr)
phone: (+359 2) 9885116 (ext. 644); e-mail:

Born: 25 December 1975, Sofia.


Secondary education: NPMG Academician L. Chakalov, Sofia
MSc (Biology), speciality ‘Zoology of vertebrates and anthropology’ (1993—1998): Sofia University
Dr (Zoology) (2000—2003): Institute of Zoology — BAS

Research interests

Ornithology — Fauna, ecology and evolution of birds. Migration of birds. Studies on birds — glacial relicts in the mountains of Bulgaria. Trends in the number of bird populations in Bulgaria.

Parasitology — Blood cell parasites of birds. Fauna and distribution of haemosporidians in Bulgaria. Influence of various factors on the infection prevalence of birds with haemosporidians. Influence of haemosporidians on wild birds and on the migration in the migratory species.

Nature conservation — Protection of birds. Legislation, protected areas for bird conservation and their habitats.


Mapping of breeding locations of Pigmy Owl and Tengmalm’s Owl in National Park Rila
Management Plan of National Park Rila — part Fauna, Birds
European Atlas of the breeding birds, 2014—2018. Mapping of nesting bird fauna in 2016 and 2017 at 50X50 km. UTM squares in Western and Central Bulgaria
Monitoring of breeding, migrating and wintering birds at the Negovan wetlands complex
Management Plan of Bulgarka Nature Park — part Fauna, head of a research group for studying the bird fauna of the park
Forest sertification on the territory of state forest enterprises from Southwestern and Souteastern state forest directorates


Balkani Wildlife Society — 1993 until now, member of the management body; Bulgarian Society for Parasitology.

Most recent publications

Shurulinkov, P., Spasov, L., Stoyanov, G. P., Chakarov, N., 2018. Blood parasite infections in a wild population of ravens (Corvus corax) in Bulgaria. — Malaria Journal, 17: 33. [PDF]

Shurulinkov, P., Daskalova, G., Kirov, D., Borisov, B., Spasov, L., Ralev, A., Stoev, I., Mechev, A., 2018. Avifauna of “Bulgarka” Nature Park with distribution, population size and breeding density data for the species of conservation importance. — Forestry Ideas 24, 1 (55): 3—22 [PDF]

Shurulinkov, P., Avtanski, D., 2018. Records of Tengmalm’s Owl (Aegolius funereus) from the Šar Mts, Republic of Macedonia. — Historia naturalis bulgarica, 28: 1—4. [PDF]

Georgiev, K., Thorn, S., Zlatanov, T., Nikolov, B., Shurulinkov, P., Daskalova, G., Gottschalk, S., 2018. Evaluating the importance of managed forests as habitat for the Semi-collared Flycatcher (Ficedula semitorquata). — Forest Ecology and Management, 419—420: 123—129. [PDF]

Daskalova, G., Shurulinkov, P., 2018. Characteristics of the hunting behavior of the Red-footed Falcon (Falco vespertinus) in South-Eastern Bulgaria. — Zoonotes, 125: 1—4. [PDF]

Николов, Б., Шурулинков, П., 2017. Професору Димитру Нанкинову-75 лет! — Русский орнитологический журнал, 26 (1495): 3709—3715. [PDF]

Stoyanov, G., Šurulinkov, P., 2016. Neue Daten zur Brutverbreitung und Habitatpräferenz der Haubenmeise Lophophanes cristatus in Südwestbulgarien. — Ornithologishe Mitteilungen, 68 (3/4): 131—136. [PDF]

Shurulinkov, P., Daskalova, G., Michov, S., Koev, V., 2016. The distribution, numbers, and breeding of terns and waders on the sand islands along the Bulgarian-Romanian section of the Danube. — North-Western Journal of Zoology, 12 (1): 65—77. [PDF]

Daskalova, G., Shurulinkov, P., Stoyanov, G. P., Borisov, B., 2016. Observations of the lesser kestrel (Falco naumanni) in Bulgaria during the period of post-breeding dispersal. — Slovak Raptor Journal. DOI: 10.1515/srj-2016-0001 [PDF]

Todorov, E., Daskalova, G., Shurulinkov, P., 2015. Current breeding distribution and conservation of White-tailed Eagle, Haliaeetus albicilla (L.) in Bulgaria. — Acta zoologica bulgarica, 67 (1): 3—10. [PDF]

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