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Emiliya Vacheva. Photo: (c) Radostina Pravcheva
Emiliya Vacheva. Photo: (c) Radostina Pravcheva

Emiliya Vacheva

(PhD student)
phone: (+359 87) 8238940; e-mail:

Born 2 December 1989, Montana.


PhD Student, National Museum of Natural History (2016 — at present);

Sofia University St. Kliment Ohrdiski, Department of Biology, Vertebrate Zoology, Master‘s of Science degree in Vertebrate Zoology (2012—2014);

Sofia University St. Kliment Ohrdiski, Department of Biology, Bachelor's of Science Degree in Biology (2008—2012).

Research interests

Herpetology, biology, ecophysiology and ecology of lizards, spatial and feeding relationships between lizards (Lacertida, Scincidae, Anguidae), species and ecosystem conservation.

Work on projects

10.2014—04.2016: Ensuring sustainable development for tortoise, volunteer;
25.03.2014—01.03.2015: ‘Field studies of the distribution and abundance of amphibians and reptiles’. Project No DIR 5113024-1-48, procedure BG161PO005/11/3.0/03/24, order RD-23/13.01.2012, financed under OP ‘Environment 2007—2013’;
03.2011—03.2013 Field expert ‘Reptiles and amphibians’ in project Mapping and identification of the conservation status of the natural habitats and species under Directive 92/34/EEC, phase I;
Working with Bulgarian foundation of biodiversity in Bulgarian-Swiss project ‘Linking Nature Protection and Sustainable Rural Development’ like a field expert leading group for herpetology Ambaritza, Central Balkan 2013; Uzana, Central Balkan 2014;
Working with Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds (BSPB) in student education camp ‘Kartali’ at ‘Studen kladenets’ dam. 2011 — at present, field expert in the herpetological group;
Work with kids in Educational center in Sofia Zoo, presentations about different amphibians and reptiles and showing a live snakes and other reptiles.

Contributions to congresses

19th European Congress of Herpetology, SEH — 19—22 September 2017, Salzburg, Austria, poster presentation;
5th Congress of ecologists of the Republic of Macedonia with International participation — 19—22 October, 2016, Ohrid, Macedonia, poster presentation;
Seminar of ecology — 2016 with International participation, IBER — BAS, oral presentation — ‘How lizards manage their microhabitat selection in dynamic environment?’;
Seminar of ecology — 2014, with International participation, IBER — BAS, poster ‘Spatial niche partition among five sympatric lizards in North-West Bulgaria’ a first prize for best poster presentation award.