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Black Sea: North — South

7.6.2011 10:00

The Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation, the Institute for Fishery Resources — Varna, and the National Museum of Natural History, Sofia present an exhibition of Alexander Ivanov and Coalition for the Nature in Bulgaria 'Black Sea: North — South'.

As an ancient mythical hero, the Bulgarian Black Sea is spread out between the harmony and chaos.

Alexander Ivanov, an objective, a pilot Svetoslav Solomaha and a hang glider — these are necessary to bear the unusual look at this myth and to what we think we know — the Black Sea coast.

The photographs tell the story of the Black Sea as a mystery and home. Mystery that leaves us speechless and a home that was robbed of its tenants.

Bird's eye photographer explores the forms and images as a language: the language of beauty, but also the language of destruction and unknown other reality — the human intervention in the natural processes of tens of thousands of years.

Coast of Bulgaria is only a small part of what is happening around the world — dance battle, born of the internal struggle of man with himself. In search of rhythm and harmony that will come back — our natural state, man creates but also destroys. Destroys, but also creates...

The exhibition 'Black Sea: North — South' will visit the National Museum of Natural History from 2 to 30 June 2011.

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