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Prof. Zlatozar Boev from the National Museum of Natural History awarded by the Bulgarian Translators' Union

4.10.2016 13:00

At a ceremony on the International Day of the translator, 30 September, in the Literary Club 'Peroto' of National Palace of Culture, the Bulgarian Translators' Union presented its annual awards. The event gathered more than 150 people. The annual awards of the union are given for achievements in all kinds of translation, as well as in the theory, history and criticism of translation. Prof. Boev was awarded a prize for overall activity in the field of translation — specialised translation and editing of scientific and popular literature from English.

So far Prof. Boev has translated and consulted/scientifically edited 103 popular science books and 273 scientific and popular TV movies. These include several translated from French, Italian, Hungarian and German. Main topics are the animal world, palaeontology, dinosaurs, prehistory, plant kingdom, biogeography and biodiversity.

The most voluminous literary edition (more than 1056 pages) translated by him is Encyclopedia of Animals. A Complete Visual Guide by J. Bruce, K. McGheee, L. Vangelova R. Vogt (2009) Macmillan Publishing (Bulgarian publisher 'Fyut'). (Bruce, J., K. McGheee, L. Vangelova, R. Vogt. 2008. The MacMillan Encyclopedia of Animals. A Complete Visual Guide. University of California Press, Berkeley Los Angeles, 1—608.) This is the largest (by volume) and most comprehensive book about animals on Earth issued so far in the country. It presents more than 6000 species. During the translation Prof. Boev named for the first time in Bulgarian more than 4000 animal species that do not occur in our country and therefore were not mentioned so far in Bulgarian in the literature.

Prof. Boev is also a winner of the annual award for 2013 in 'Scientific and technical literature' Section of the union, whose member is.

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