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Citations of ‘Vasilev Y., Trifonov T., Naumova M., Hristov G. 2023 First records of Ameles spallanzania (Rossi, 1792) with new data on the distribution of Hierodula tenuidentata Saussure, 1869 in Bulgaria (Insecta: Mantodea: Mantidae) — Historia naturalis bulgarica 45: 17–23’


[1] Vujić M., Ivković S. 2023 New records of allochthonous Hierodula tenuidentata Saussure, 1869 (Mantodea: Mantidae) from Southeastern Europe, with evidence of its spread across the Pannonian Plain. Nat. Croat. 32 (1): 69–79. https://doi.org/10.20302/nc.2023.32.5

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