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Кратък преглед на развитието на зоологическата наука в България от Освобождението до края на Първата световна война (1878–1918 г.) [A review of the development of zoology in Bulgaria from the Russo-Turkish War to the end of the First World War (1878–1918)]

Алекси Попов [Alexi Popov]

28 February 1989 · volume 1 · pp. 29–33 · PDF [full text]

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[Summary]: The earliest studies of Bulgarian zoologists date back to the 90’s of last century and were devoted to the species composition of some systematic groups, Faunistic studies spread rapidly up to the end of the period studied, but were lacking in depth and those working in them were not known internationally. Teachers from secondary schools in Sofia, Russe, Razgrad, Sliven, and Burgas studied insects and vertebrates. At the same time the development of zoological studies was placed on a sound footing through the establishment of two Departments of Zoology at Sofia University and of a Museum of Natural History with an Entomological Station. Studies on the ecology, biology and pest control of crops were carried out in five State Agricultural Experimental Stations. The popularization of zoology was conducted by the Bulgarian Naturalist Society and the Bulgarian Entomological Society.

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