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Сто години Национален природонаучен музей [One hundred years National Museum of Natural History]

Красимир Кумански; Алекси Попов [Krassimir Kumanski; Alexi Popov]

27 December 1991 · volume 3 · pp. 3–14 · PDF [full text]

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[Summary]: One hundred years elapsed since the foundation of one of the oldest museums in Bulgaria — the Museum of Natural History. The commemorative Centenary Celebrations were held in October 1989 in Sofia. Represented were the principal natural history institutions, national and regional museums in Bulgaria, and 12 directors of museums from the USSR, Sweden, East Germany, Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia and Libya. The Centenary Celebrations were opened by Acad. Ivan Kostov, ex-Director of the Museum. In his speech he noted the coincidence of the celebrations of the Centenary of the Museum and the 120th Anniversary of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences on this day, and emphasized the importance of natural sciences and hence of museums of natural history for mankind. Prof. Alexander Fol, the Chairman of the National Council for Education, Science and Culture, on behalf of the State Council presented the Museum with the Order “People’s Republic of Bulgaria” I Degree. In his address Acad. Blagovest Sendov, President of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, said: “The preservation of the present state of this planet, of what has been created by our people, by nature, is one of the principal goals of the Academy. The National Museum of Natural History is one of the museums of the Bulgarian Academy, without which it could not be called an Academy of Sciences”. Dr Krassimir Kumanski, Director of the Museum, gave a detailed report on occasion of the Centenary. Representatives of 24 institutions, museums and committees in Bulgaria and abroad delivered addresses and gifts. Congratulations came from a total of 56 foreign institutions from 32 countries from all over the world. Outstanding gifts were two rare remains of parts of fossil predatory reptiles from the USSR, minerals and giant crystals from Sweden, USSR, East Germany and Bulgaria, valuable books from South Africa, Costa Rica, USSR, East Germany, etc. At a Jubilee Session two popular science films on the exposition and on one of the expeditions, held by the Museum, were shown and 6 papers were delivered, namely: on the history of mineralogy in Bulgaria (Acad. Ivan Kostov), on the collections and research in the sections of botany (Stefan Stanev), entomology (Alexi Popov), osteology and paleontology (Nikolai Spassov), and ornithology (Zlatozar Boev), as well as expeditions of the Museum (Petar Beron). The guests visited the Museum and were shown the collections and informed about their current state and prospects. The exposition won the praise of visiting specialists. During the excursion to the Rila Monastery discussions over a future cooperation with the corresponding museums abroad, and over museological and life-science issues were continued. Part of the exposition was rearranged in connection with the Centenary and a film was made about the Museum. A commemorative medallion and three badges were struck and presented. A commemorative stamp and an envelope with a picture of the Museum were also issued.

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