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Остеологичните колекции и значението им за орнитологичните изследвания [Osteological collections and their significance for the ornithological researches]

Златозар Боев [Zlatozar Boev]

31 December 1991 · volume 4 · pp. 3–9 · PDF [full text]

Abstract: [no abstract available originally]

[Summary]: It is pointed out that the availability of the comparative skeleton collections of birds in the museums is of greater importance for various fields of the ornithological researches. The necessity of building of series of bone material of each species, in order to evade some misidentifications because of the individual (age and sex) differences in relation of metric and quantitative bone features, is underlined also. Some data on main osteological collections of birds in the world museums and the collection of the National Museum of Natural History in Sofia are presented.

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