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Малко известен хербарий на лейди Емили Странгфорд [A little known herbarium of Lady Emily Strangford]

Павел Стефанов [Pavel Stefanov]

31 December 1991 · volume 4 · pp. 10–15 · PDF [full text]

Abstract: [no abstract available originally]

[Summary]: A two volume herbarium, which belonged to the eminent philantropist Lady Emily Strangford (1826–1887), is kept at the Ivan Vazov National Library in Plovdiv. Lady Emily Strangford is the daughter of Rear-admiral Sir Francis Beaufort (1774–1857), the famous navigator, geographer and oceanographer. The herbarium contains sea-weeds, collected along the shores of the Orkney Islands (North Scotland) and Ireland in 1843–1845. Certain differences occur in the species composition between the collection and contemporary studies of the Orkney Islands.

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