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Допълнение към том 15 (Trichoptera, Annulipalpia) и том 19 (Trichoptera, Integripalpia) от поредицата Фауна на България [Addition to Volume 15 (Trichoptera, Annulipalpia) and Volume 19 (Trichoptera, Integripalpia) of the series “Fauna of Bulgaria”]

Красимир Кумански [Krassimir Kumanski]

31 December 1991 · volume 4 · pp. 39–46 · PDF [full text]

Abstract: [no abstract available originally]

[Summary]: Two species of Integripalpia suborder, Potamophylax roiundipennis (Brau.) and Micropterna hatatiila Mal. are added to the list of Bulgarian caddisfly fauna ([Kumanski], 1988); the second one, described and known so far from Anatolia, is also new to Europe. New material of Diplectrona atra Mel. is reported, thus the uncertainty about its presence in Bulgaria ([Kumanski], 1985) already disappears. Following systematical changes have to be introduced according to the recent literature data: Hydroptila angulifera Kum., previously synonymized with H. uncinata Mort., becomes again the status of separate species (Malicky & Moretti, 1987), and Setodes viridis bulgaricus Kum. has been elevated (Schmid, 1987) to the level of species, i.e. Setodes bulgaricus Kum.

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