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Съвременни методи за събиране, управляване и съхраняване на фаунистични данни [Modern methods of collecting, managing and keeping faunistic data]

Христо Делчев; Здравко Хубенов; Гергин Благоев; Добрин Добрев [Christo Deltshev; Zdravko Hubenov; Gergin Blagoev; Dobrin Dobrev]

31 December 1998 · volume 9 · pp. 143–154 · PDF [full text]

Abstract: [no abstract available originally]

[Summary]: The collecting, analyzing and classifying of faunistic information in data base appears to be an obligatory condition for the modern inventorying of the fauna occurring on the territory of Bulgaria. This fact shows quite well, the pertinence and importance of all projects in this area. The proposed model is an original system with specific structure, applicable for every group of biological diversity. The system can be completed, altered and improved after the expansion and modernization of the investigations. The collected information can be classified and managed quite easily concerning the parametres of the model. The realization of the modern data base needs good hardware and software products.

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