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Сухоземните охлюви (Gastropoda: Pulmonata) в Земенския пролом [Terrestrial gastropods (Gastropoda: Pulmonata) in the Zemen Gorge (SW Bulgaria)]

Вера Антонова; Ивайло Дедов [Vera Antonova; Ivailo Dedov]

10 June 2002 · volume 14 · pp. 79–87 · PDF [full text]

Abstract: [no abstract available originally]

[Summary]: No special studies on the land snails of the Zemen Gorge (SW Bulgaria) have been done till now. Wagner (1934), Damyanov & Likharev (1975), Wiktor (1983) and Urbanski (1964) mentioned five species for the region. 23% of the Bulgarian snail fauna is present in the Zemen Gorge. Out of all the 54 collected species 21 are new for the region. Out of them 30 species, given by other authors for wider territories in Bulgaria, have been specified for the region and three species have been confirmed. In a zoogeographical aspect, 31 species belong to the Euro-Siberian complex and 23 to the Mediterranean complex. Nine species are restricted to the Balkan Peninsula, one is Bulgarian endemic and three species are rarely found in the country.

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