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Хранителен спектър на бухала (Bubo bubo (L., 1758)) (Aves: Strigiformes) в две холоценски находища от Североизточна България [Food spectrum of the Eagle Owl (Bubo bubo (L., 1758)) (Aves: Strigiformes) from two Holocene localities in NE Bulgaria]

Иван Митев; Златозар Боев [Ivan Mitev; Zlatozar Boev]

15 April 2006 · volume 17 · pp. 153–165 · PDF [full text]

Abstract: Two subfossil sites of the Eagle Owl, near the village of Topchii (Late Holocene) and near the village of Madara (Early-Late Holocene) in NE Bulgaria, have been examined. A total of 82 species of vertebrates have been established, 72 of them presenting the recent local vertebrate fauna (18.41 % of the species composition). Among them: 49 taxa of birds, 29 taxa of mammals, 3 taxa of Anura, and 1 taxon of Osteichthyes (Cyprinidae). High habitat diversity (aquatic, wood, field, rock and synanthropic) could be assumed from the ecological complexes of the established taxa. The finds of 5 avian species represent the first records of fossil/subfossil fauna in Bulgaria. The records of 5 bird species and 8 mammal species are important for the elucidation of the former distribution of these disappeared, threatened or rare species in the country.

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