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Second addition to volume 15 (Trichoptera: Annulipalpia) and volume 19 (Trichoptera: Integripalpia) of Fauna bulgarica

Krassimir Kumanski

21 December 2007 · volume 18 · pp. 81–94 · PDF [full text]

Abstract: The genus Trichostegia and four species (Hydroptila angulata, Trichostegia minor, Oecetis intima and Mystacides longicornis) are found for the first time in Bulgaria. The recently described Rhyacophila margaritae, Hydroptila atalante, Hydropsyche incognita, Hydropsyche krassimiri and Potamophylax juliani are also included in the Bulgarian list of Trichoptera. Hydropsyche cf. doehleri, Hydropsyche fulvipes and Mesophylax aspersus are deleted, the last two correspondingly replaced by Hydropsyche peristerica and Mesophylax impunctatus aduncus. The synonymy of Hydropsyche dentata Kumanski, 1974 with H. saxonica McLachlan, 1884 is declared. New localities of eight rare species are reported. Updated maps of distribution in Bulgaria for 17 species are provided. The number of Trichoptera known so far from Bulgaria is increased to 258 species.

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