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Distribution and zoogeographical characteristics of mollusks (Mollusca) from Bulgarian national parks

Zdravko Hubenov

21 December 2007 · volume 18 · pp. 127–159 · PDF [full text]

Abstract: A total of 132 species of mollusks have been reported from Bulgarian National Parks. They belong to 72 genera, 31 families and 4 orders of the classes Gastropoda and Bivalvia. The largest number of species have been established in Central Balkan National Park — 90, followed by Pirin National Park — 87 and Rila National Park — 57 species. It is assumed that about 70% of the species in the protected areas are known. The most numerous are the families Clausiliidae (16 species) and Zonitidae (18 species). The species are divided into 31 zoogeographical categories, combined into 3 groups. A total of 33 endemics, 10 relicts and 16 rare species have been established. Sixty species have conservation significance, of which 8 are of world importance. A great part of the parks territory remains unexplored.

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