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Академик д-р Иван Буреш и ентомологичните изследвания в България [Academician Dr Ivan Buresch and the entomological investigations in Bulgaria]

Здравко Хубенов [Zdravko Hubenov]

29 February 2012 · volume 20 · pp. 27–39 · PDF [full text]

Abstract: Dr. Ivan Buresch (1885-1980) is a Bulgarian zoologist. More than half of his 210 scientific papers are on entomological subjects: contributions to the entomological fauna of Bulgaria, exploration on pest insects, zoogeographical investigations, history of the entomological research in Bulgaria. He was Director of the Royal Natural History Museum in Sofia (1918-1946), Director of the Institute of Zoology in Sofia (1947-1959), Member of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (1929).

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