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High Altitude Isopoda, Arachnida and Myriapoda in the Old World (supplementa and corrigenda 2008–2016)

Petar Beron

29 December 2016 · volume 23 · pp. 141–155 · PDF [full text]

Abstract: After the publication of my monograph (Beron, 2008) appeared many new papers containing data on Arachnida and Myriapoda found in the Old World at or above 2200 m. In this supplement are added 12 sp. of Opiliones, 37 sp. of spiders, and 74 sp. of Diplopoda. Several changes occurred in the taxonomy of some groups, following taxonomic revisions. Several genera of Opiliones are no more in Phalangiidae, but in Sclerosomatidae, Fuhrmanodesmidae became synonyms of Trichopolydesmidae, etc. “Palpatores” are now distributed between the suborders Eupnoi and Dyspnoi. Several specialists, and especially Golovatch, published many new taxa of high mountain Diplopoda. Again Golovatch synonymized several genera of Diplopoda (Martensosoma, Nepalomorpha, Parorthomorpha, Armolites, Orophosoma), known from the high mountains, under Delartrum Attems. For many taxa has been “raised” the upper limit of distribution and they have been published from other mountains.

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