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Volume 5 (1995) (contents)

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— 31 December 1995
Revue des recherches sur les Acariens terrestres (Ordre Acariformes, sous-ordre Prostigmata) en Bulgarie
Petar Beron

pp. 3–12

— views: 71
A new larval species of Neotrombidium (Acariformes, Actinedida: Neotrombidiidae) from Cuba
Petar Beron

pp. 13–18

— views: 79
Collemboles de Bulgarie. I.
Jean-Marc Thibaud

pp. 19–27

— views: 85
Нов том от поредицата Фауна на България [A new volume of Fauna Bulgarica]
Алекси Попов [Alexi Popov]

p. 28

— views: 62
Lady-birds (Coccinellidae, Coleoptera) from the Bulgarian Black Sea coast and the Strandzha Region
Vassila Jordanova

pp. 29–33

— views: 75
Експедицията на НПМ “Югоизточна Азия — 1994” [Expedition of the National Museum of Natural History “Southeast Asia — 1994”]
Петър Берон [Petar Beron]

p. 34

— views: 64
Brachytarsina flavipennis Macquart, 1851 (Diptera, Streblidae), member of a new family for the Bulgarian fauna
Teodora Ivanova; Pavel Stoev; Boyan Petrov

pp. 35–36

— views: 52
On the appearance of the domestic fowl (Gallus gallus domestica) in Bulgaria and Balkan Peninsula and the question of domestication of junglefowls (Genus Gallus Brisson, 1760) in Southeast Europe
Zlatozar Boev

pp. 37–49

— views: 39
Експедицията на НПМ “Югоизточна Азия — 1995” [Expedition of the National Museum of Natural History “Southeast Asia — 1995”]
Петър Берон [Petar Beron]

p. 50

— views: 60
Eneolithic and Early Bronze Age birds from the sunken settlement at the Sozopol bay (Bulgarian Black Sea coast)
Zlatozar Boev

pp. 51–60

— views: 63
Птици от средновековни селища в България [Birds from some medieval settlements in Bulgaria]
Златозар Боев [Zlatozar Boev]

pp. 61–67

— views: 58
Почина Николай Виходцевски (1912–1995) [Nikolai Vyhodtsevsky (1912–1995) — in memoriam]
Алекси Попов [Alexi Popov]

p. 68

— views: 77
В памет на Николай Андреев (1944–1994) [Nikolai Andreev (1944–1994) — in memoriam]
Алекси Попов [Alexi Popov]

pp. 69–76

— views: 80

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