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Stoyan Goranov
Stoyan Goranov

Stoyan Goranov

(Member of the Bat Research and Conservation Centre)
phone: (+359 89) 436122; e-mail:

Born on: 26 September 1983 in Svishtov.

2010 — Master of Science in Zoology, University of Sofia 'St. Kliment Ohridski', Bulgaria
2007 — Bachelor of Science in Biology, University of Sofia 'St. Kliment Ohridski', Bulgaria

Research interests

Distribution, ecology, behavior and conservation of bats (Mammalia: Chiroptera); biospeleology.

Participation in projects related to bats

2015: volunteer in project 'Build expert capacity for study and conservation of bats in Bulgaria (NBMS)'
2015: volunteer in project 'We are not alone on the cracks'
2014—2015: bat expert in project 'National Monitoring of Bats in Bulgaria'
2014—2016: bat expert in project 'Hidden wonders of underground world'
2013: volunteer in project 'See more FOR the bats'
2013: volunteer in project 'Activities for conservation and sustainable management of reserve 'Chervenata stena' and managed reserve 'Izgoryaloto gune'
2013: bat expert in project 'Assesment of bats and cave invertebrate fauna in Biserna cave in relation with her development'
2011—2013: bat expert in project 'Mapping and identification of conservation status of natural habitats and species — Lot No. 5 Bats'
2010: volunteer in project 'Summer monitoring of bats (Mammalia: Chiroptera) in Bulgaria according to the methodology of the National System for Biodiversity Monitoring'

Participation in developing management plans for these protected areas

2013 — 'Byala krava' reserve
2016 — 'Chelopechene fish-ponds' protected area


2013 — Cave expedition in Optimisticheskaya cave (Korolivka vill., Ukraine)
2010 — Cave expedition in Maya Arapit cave (Teth vill., Albania)
2010/2016 — many cave expeditions in Bulgaria


Zhelyazkova, V., Toshkova, N., Goranov, S., 2016. Bats and Caves. — In: Speleological Studies of Caves in Godech Municipality (Part 1), Association of Speleoclubs in Sofia, Sofia, 51—62. [PDF]

Metcheva, R., Beltcheva, M., Naumov, B., Yankov, Y., Michev, T., Profirov, L., Mitov, P., Kenderov, L., Georgieva, E., Petrov, P., Goranov, S., 2016. Faunistic study of the Danube Island Tsibar. — Fourth Romanian-Bulgarian-Hungarian-Serbian Conference 'Geographical Research and Cross-Border Cooperation within the Lower Basin of the Danube', 15—17 Sept. 2016, Vidin — Bulgaria, pp. 72.