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Curators: Assoc. Prof. Dr Borislav Guéorguiev (Adephaga, Scarabaeoidea, Scirtoidea, Dascilloidea, Buprestoidea, Derodontoidea, Bostrichoidea, Lymexyloidea, Cleroidea, Cucujoidea, Curculionoidea), Sen. Assist. Dr Rostislav Bekchiev (Hydrophiloidea, Staphylinoidea, Elateroidea, Tenebrionoidea, Chrysomeloidea)

National Museum of Natural History
1 Tsar Osvoboditel Blvd
1000 Sofia

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Collection Coleoptera

Collection Coleoptera

The Coleoptera collection contains over 1200 entomological boxes with approximately 150000 specimens, including over 80 types.

The first, rich and interesting collection of beetles owned by the museum is that of the French Count A. Alléon, which was donated in 1891. It consists of about 4000 species, represented by about 13500 specimens. During the first half of the XX century, the collection was enriched with materials collected by D. Ioakimov, N. Nedelkov, I. Buresch, D. Iltchew, P. Tschorbadjiev, A. Markovich and P. Drenski, thanks to the work of Dr I. Buresch, who was then director of the Zoological Institute. In the early 1950s, the collections of N. Karnoschitzky and N. Vihodcevsky were acquired. From the early 1950s to the late 1980s, the collection increased significantly, thanks to the collections of S. Kantarjieva-Minkova (Cicindelinae, Cerambycidae), B. Zaharieva (Scarabaeoidea), V. Stoimenova and L. Penev (Elateridae). In the 80s the collections of entomologists amateurs S. Bocharov and S. Zagorchinov were purchased. Recent accessions include the systematic collections of V. Guéorguiev (Hydradephaga, cave Cholevinae), V. Jordanova (Coccinellidae), B. Gruev and V. Tomov (Chrysomelidae). Particularly valuable is the active collecting activity of P. Beron in different continents, mainly in their tropical and subtropical regions. In the last twenty years, materials collected by B. Guéorguiev (mainly Carabidae) and R. Bekchiev (Pselaphidae) have been added.