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Dr Nadezhda Karastoyanova
Dr Nadezhda Karastoyanova

Nadezhda Karastoyanova

(Senior Assistant, Dr, archaeozoologist/archaeologist)

Born: 7 March 1984, Dupnitsa.

ORCID ID: 0000-0001-6032-4873

2018 — PhD on theme of research: ‘Development of hunt and animal husbandry in Eastern Balkans: The role of wild and domestic species in paleoeconomyand changes in natural environment from Late Neolithic to Late Chalcolithic period’. Advisor: Prof. Dr Nikolai Spassov; National Museum of Natural History — BAS, Sofia
2011 — MA degree in Archaeology, on theme ‘Late Neolithic faunal remains from a pit deposit excavated near Sarnevo, Stara Zagora region, in Southeast Bulgaria’; New Bulgarian University, Sofia
2009 — Bachelor degree in Archaeology; New Bulgarian University, Sofia

Research interests

Zooarchaeology, archaeology, mammals, animal remains, prehistory, paleoenvironment, domestication.

Scientific projects

OF GAME AND MAN: An attempt to identify hunting weapons and techniques through use-wear analysis of faunal remains — PACEA/PPP-UMR 5199 CNRS, Bordeaux, France
Fallow deer — autochthonous origin in the Balkans? History of the existence of the specie in the prehistory of Bulgaria. In Program for support the young scientist and PhD students 2017 — Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
Archeozoological analysis of animal remains from prehistoric archaeological sites in Bulgaria — Young scientists projects; Ministry of Education and Science
Comparative population-genetic research of ancient and modern socially and historically significant animals in Bulgaria — Research Fund — competition for funding basic research — 2018
Upgrade of the Research Infrastructure Distributed System of Scientific Collections — Bulgaria (DiSSCo-BG) (DiSSCo) — upgrade and digitalisation the archeozoological collections in the National Museum of Natural History — BAS

Long term projects zooarchaeological analysis

Neolithic period: Nova Nadezhda, Slatina
Chalcolithic period: Tell Yunatsite, Tell Sushina, Tell Kozareva mogila
Roman period: Dimum

Most recent publications

Karastoyanova, N., Nikolova, S., Nekhrizov, G., 2023. Faunal remains from the Early Iron Age rock-cut complex Gluhite Kamani (Eastern Rhodopes, Bulgaria). — Historia naturalis bulgarica, 45 (5): 107—124. [PDF] doi:10.48027/hnb.45.052

Karastoyanova, N., 2023. Faunal Remains from Site 42, Orlovo. — In: The medieval settlement near Orlovo village, Haskovo region (site 42 along the gas transmission pipeline Greece — Bulgaria). Bikićvaleri, V., Grigorov, V. (eds) Archaeologia Bulgarica Suplement, 6.1, NOUS Publishers Ltd, 161: 87—92.

Karastoyanova, N., 2023. Archaeozoological analysis of the animal remains. In: Vagalinski, L., Conrad, S., Traykova, L., Kecheva, N., Krauß, R. Novgrad — Tash Bair I. Archaeological Investigations at the Southernmost Point of the Danube. — Archaeological excavations and Research, 2, 48, National Archaeological Institute with Museum — Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, 660, 466—478.

Ilieva, G., Kouzov, Ch., Christov, M., Karastoyanova, N., 2023. Settlement from the Late Iron Age in Pod seloto locality near the town of Kaspichan, Kaspichan municipality, Shumen district (national archaeological reserve Madara). — 20, Regional Museum of History — Shumen.

Boyadzhiev, K., Boyadzhiev, Y., Haleva, V., Popova, Tz., García-Granero, J. J., Jovanović, M., Karastoyanova, N., Russeva, V., McIlfatrick, O., de Groot, B., Sirakov, N., Mitrinova, E., Panchov, P., Petrov, V., 2023. The Late Copper Age building BII-21B at Tell Yunatsite, south central Bulgaria. — Studia Praehistorica, 17: 133—217. [PDF]

Chohadzhiev, A., Karastoyanova, N., Gurova, M., Yanakieva, A., Bacoup, P., Méphane, P., 2022. To pit the pig. The curious case of Feature E63 from Petko Karavelovo tell-site. — Studia Praehistorica, 16: 173—206. [PDF]

Bogdanova, T., Karastoyanova, N., 2022. Neolithic settlement Izvor. — Archaeological discoveries and excavations in 2021, 2: 954—957.

Богданова, Т., Карастоянова, Н., 2022. Heoлитнo ceлищe Извop, c. Aлдoмиpoвци, oбщ. Cливницa. — В: Бoяджиeв, К., Ивaнoвa, H. (рeд.), Кaтaлoзи. Българска археология, 23: 9—10.

Vajsov, I., Slavchev, V., Dzurkovska, G., Vandeva, G., Popova, Ts., Karastoyanova, N., 2021. Archaeological excavations at Golemija Ostrov near Durankulak. — Archaeological discoveries and excavations in 2020, 1: 246—251. [PDF]

Manev, A., Slavchev, V., Gyurova, M., Karastoyanova, N., 2021. Rescue archaeological excavations of a Late Neolithic and Early Medieval site in the land of Tsonevo village, Dalgopol municipality. — Archaeological discoveries and excavations in 2020, 2: 1156—1160. [PDF]

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