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Chromian pyrope — specimen 0289, photo © NMNHS
Chromian pyrope — specimen 0289, photo © NMNHS

Chromian pyropespecimen 0289


North America
USA, Arizona, Apache County, Navajo Indian Reservation
Chromian pyrope — specimen 0289, locality map

Weight: 0.37 ct; size: 3.90 | 3.90 | 2.66 mm; shape: octagon; colour: medium dark slightly purplish red; strong; clarity: eye clean; cut: good; treatment: none.

Very clean specimen; good mixed style cut. Source: Michael Asa, Gem Line Inc.

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More information from ‘Classification’

A chrome-rich variety of pyrope. Also called ‘anthill garnet’. In the State of Arizona, USA, these are found around the anthills. The ants meet the garnets while digging their underground passages, drag them to the surface and discard them.