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Currently there are 283 bibliographical references and abstracts to publications with gemmological or mineralogical thematics in the ‘Library’. The section comprises also a glossary with 391 terms.

Pough, F. H., Henderson, E. P., 1945 — Brazilianite, a new phosphate mineral — Published in 1945 in ‘American Mineralogist’; contains the original description of the mineral brazilianite.
Rammelsberg, C. F., 1860 — Apatit — Published in 1860 in ‘Handbuch der Mineralchemie’; contains the original description of the mineral fluorapatite.

sussexite — species of mineral; data; faceted specimens exist
syenite — a coarse-grained intrusive igneous rock of the same general composition as granite but with the quartz either absent or present in relatively small amounts (less than 5%)
synthetic — not a natural gemstone; may be a product of hydrothermal synthesis

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