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Lapis lazuli — specimen 0604, photo © NMNHS
Lapis lazuli — specimen 0604, photo © NMNHS

Lapis lazulispecimen 0604


South Asia
Lapis lazuli — specimen 0604, locality map

Weight: 2.53 ct; size: 10.00 | 7.08 | 4.99 mm; shape: pear; colour: dark blue; clarity: opaque; cut: good; treatment: none.

Clean specimen; good cabochon style cut.

More information from ‘Classification’

Known and highly praised from ancient times; a rock consisting predominantly of lazurite [haüyne] (25—40%), calcite, pyrite and other minerals. The name is derived from the Latin for ‘stone’ and the Persian for ‘blue’. Historically comes from the mines near Sar-e Sang, Badakhshan Province, Afghanistan.