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Spinel — specimen 0658, photo © NMNHS
Spinel — specimen 0658, photo © NMNHS

Spinelspecimen 0658


South Asia
Sri Lanka
Spinel — specimen 0658, locality map

Weight: 0.44 ct; size: 5.32 | 4.61 | 2.87 mm; shape: hexagon; colour: medium dark slightly purplish red; strong; clarity: eye clean; cut: excellent; treatment: none.

Very clean specimen; design ‘Hexamixtum S 41-32’ [crown angle changed to 21.00], excellent cut by Tan Pen.

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A common mineral, formed at high-temperatures as an accessory in igneous rocks, principally basalts, kimberlites, peridotites, and in xenoliths; in regionally metamorphosed aluminum-rich schists; in regionally and contact metamorphosed limestones (Anthony et al., 2001—2005). The largest specimens include: Samarian spinel, over 500 carats, stored in the Central Bank of Iran, Tehran; 398.72 carat red spinel purchased in China in 1676 and stored in the Diamond Fund, Moscow; Timur ruby, 361 carats, part of the Crown Jewels of the United Kingdom.