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Clinohumite — specimen 0458, photo © NMNHS
Clinohumite — specimen 0458, photo © NMNHS

Clinohumitespecimen 0458


Central Asia
Clinohumite — specimen 0458, locality map

Weight: 0.41 ct; size: 5.34 | 4.46 | 3.21 mm; shape: oval; colour: medium orange; strong; clarity: slightly included; cut: excellent; treatment: none.

Slightly included specimen; design ‘Ovalimixtum ST’, excellent cut by Tan Pen.

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In contact metamorphic zones in dolomite rocks and metasomatised limestones adjacent to felsic rocks; in serpentine and talc schists; in carbonatites (Anthony et al., 2001—2005). Faceted specimens are rare.